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Discover all BSPs Program privileges and benefits!

Zimbra BSP Program Overview

The Zimbra BSP Program was designed to ensure a successful partnership with partners who host Zimbra products in a multi-tenant environment. The BSP would contract with Zimbra for the strategic and technical (inc support) relationship although the monthly invoicing process is performed between an authorised Aggregator and the BSP.


10 Reasons to choose Zimbra BSP’s program!


  1. Feature Rich Email and Collaboration Platform
  2. Full “Multi-Tenant” support
  3. Fully embraces Open Source Architecture
  4. Host Zimbra in Your data centre
  5. Rebrand using your unique name
  6. Customizable to align with your colours, look, etc.
  7. Highly Scalable to millions of users
  8. Zimlets enable Integration with third-party applications
  9. More Cost Effective and lower TCO than competition
  10. Enables BSP to sell additional products and services

Partnership Levels

There are three levels of partnerships available for BSPs: Registered Partner, Silver and Gold. Any partner who hosts their solutions in a multi-tenant environment for end-user organizations is eligible to join the Zimbra BSP Program at the “Registered Partner” level. For Silver,Gold and Platinum partnership levels, there is a higher monthly revenue commitment requirement with stronger eligibility requirements around technical proficiency and customer satisfaction ratings. In return for the higher monthly revenue commitment and the larger investment in the Zimbra partnership, BSPs at the Silver, Gold and Platinum level partners receive key benefits including but not limited to:

• Volume price discounts
• Priority listing on
• Priority for lead referrals
• Priority for joint marketing activities and funds
• Support for media and public relations initiatives

• Zimbra Premium Level support
• Platinum, Gold or Silver status/designation

Partner Program Benefits

Through the Zimbra BSP Partner Program, you will have access to a variety of benefits to assist you in developing your expertise in Zimbra’s Collaboration solutions.
As your commitment to and knowledge of Zimbra grows, the marketing, sales and training benefits you receive from Zimbra will also grow. BSPs that achieve the qualification requirements will be able to work towards achieving higher membership level with more benefits. Registered BSPs can progress to the Silver or Gold status. Depending on a Partner’s partnership relationship with Zimbra, the partner may qualify for specific benefits listed below.

• Membership in Zimbra Partner Community on

• Identification as a Zimbra Partner on

• Not for Resale (NFR) Zimbra licenses for development, testing, and demo purposes

• Discounted Internal Use Licenses (IULs) for production-use

• Sales and Marketing Support (webinars, local event support, joint marketing, online community, collateral with co-branding options available)

• Regular training events and scheduled sales communications

• Opportunity to graduate to an advanced level signifier such as Gold based on factors like annual revenues produced, proven track record in end-customer satisfaction, product certification or more.

• Ability to use Zimbra logo in Partner’s marketing, subject to Zimbra’s usage guidelines